April 28, 2014

April flowers (and no showers) down at Galleywall

A nice sunny afternoon at the reserve yesterday meant a little light tidying up. A couple of valiant volunteers mowed some of the meadow with the push mower after the petrol one broke. We also did some litter picking and pulled the odd nettle from around the path (and one or two Japanese knotweed shoots — ten years of hand weeding and it’s still not quite gone!). And checked over the shelter canvas in case of rain on the next reserve visit.

Of course, we also all spent some time admiring the flowers:

Cowslips in the meadow.

The hawthorn trees are covered in blooms.

Wild strawberry flowers promise wild strawberries later in the year.

Bluebells on the slope under the trees.

And fungi are growing on the fungus logs in the permaculture area.

The next monthly event is sign making on Sunday 18th May, 1:30-3:30. Let your inner artist out and help make some signs both beautiful and informative, for inside the reserve and out. We’ll also be holding our AGM directly afterwards which everyone is welcome to attend.

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