November 15, 2009

Next Seasonal Activity Day

Our next seasonal activity day is planned for Saturday December 12th 11am-2pm. All are welcome to join in the activities, including bulb planting, pond clearing, minibeast identification, compost turning.

We'll also be celebrating the success of our rainwater harvesting scheme. Come along!

Peppercorn rent

One of the most successful events of 2009 has been the campaign to persuade Southwark Council that we should not need to pay the £200 license fee. We have succeeded in persuading them that we only need to pay what is called a peppercorn rent, a nominal fee, and this has greatly cheered us all. Thanks to Southwark councillors for making this happen.

Annual general meeting

We have just had our annual general meeting. These are the people that make things happen in the reserve:
Alan Chadborn – Chair
Jane Stokes – Secretary
Juliet Kemp – Treasurer

We are greatly assisted by several people who do not hold official titles. Celia Cronin has been a loyal friend of the reserve, and latterly Ben Dewhurst and Reuben Hawkwood have done some fantastic work with volunteers which has resulted in a tidier and much more efficient layout. We have plans to do more over the next 6 months with the aim of keeping the reserve easier to manage with routine mowing and tidying up sessions.

If you would like to come along and get busy in the reserve, please do get in touch. If particular, if anyone feels they would like to help to recruit and organise volunteers, we'd love to hear from you.

November 10, 2009

We are harvesting rainwater

Alan engineered this system to use the water from the building next door.

The collected rain water going to a bucket, which was bought with the money we fundraised: