September 14, 2013

Our new canopy!

Just in time for autumn to start making itself known, Galleywall has a lovely new canvas canopy that volunteers, visitors, and school groups can shelter under in time of need.

Here it is after just being put up for the first time:

The central pole is mounted with a handle at the bottom and a block arrangement at the top so the canopy can be furled around the pole by turning the handle. This is the setup at the top, as designed by Alan:

The guy ropes are all attached to old bike inner tubes. These are stretchy, so they're easier to get around the pegs and poles than a non-stretchy guy rope, and it also means that they won't damage our mushroom logs or tree branches.

A wonderful design job from Alan! Many thanks to A & B Textiles and Sailmakers in Gillingham who made the canvas canopy to Alan's spec, and to Shaun Packham in Bermondsey who provided the pole.

I'm now positively looking forward to the next rainy open day so we can show it off... so come along on Sunday 6th October, 13:30-15:30, to see it in action and help us tidy up a bit for autumn.

August 10, 2013

New gate for the reserve!

This year, blacksmith Sean Marshall has been working with pupils from local schools, with the assistance of Jenny Hickman, to design and make a new gate for the reserve. The big reveal was a couple of weeks ago, and this is our lovely new gate:


Southwark News came along and wrote an article about it, too:



As you'll see from the photos, the gate isn't yet fully installed, but it should be up soon.

Next Galleywall Open Day will be Sunday 1st September, 13:00-15:00. Do come along, either to help out a bit or just to have a wander round and enjoy the space.

March 11, 2013

 Starting in April 2013 activities are planned for the first Sunday of the month from 1-3 pm and all are welcome to come along.
There will be work on the habitat wall  in April - a unique aspect of the reserve which uses the wall as a habitat for insects, in May a session on growing plants in small places, in June making bat boxes, in July identifying native plants, in August harvesting fruits, in September wildflower management and in October vertical gardening.
No need to book, just drop in.